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Powermec on ​​a visit to China/Hong Kong/Taiwan!

Powermec pa besok

Then it was fall again and time for the Hong Kong Electronics autumn edition. The trip began with a 4 -day tour in China,
together with Daniel from our office in Taiwan. 
We met during theese days and evenings four new factories and five existing ones.
A hard and intense schedule that has given the best possible results. For us it is very important to ensure that our suppliers live
up to our own and clients’ requirements and expectations.

After travelling in China we stayed 4 days in Hong Kong and visited the Electronics trade fair autumn edition October 13 to 16
and with nearly 3 436 st exhibitors from 30 countries presented over an area of no less than 80 000 m2.
This f
air is ranked as the world ‘s largest Electronics exhibition!

To sum up, we note that we managed to find several products that has been missing in our product range. 
After the fair we went to Taiwan to spend time with our colleagues before it was time for the journey home. Flights from Taipei – Hong Kong – Helsinki – Arlanda. Me and my colleague Sami have never slept so well on a flight as on this trip home!

Loaded with exciting new products , trends and knowledge , we are now ready for new inquiries and challenges.

Mikael Häggblom