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New powerful productgroup: Solenoids!


We are now expanding our productrange with another productgroup: Solenoids that are advantageously used in applications where
a fast, powerful and short stroke is needed.

A common range of solenoids is up to 2 000 g and 20 mm strokes, but at Powermec we can deliver solenoids up to
8 000 g and 40 mm strokes length.

In our wide productrange there are subgroups such as pulling, pressing, bistable, twisting and many more.
We find a solution based on your needs, and our solenoids are easily optimized into your application.
For example, we can assist you with adjustments regarding contracting, return spring, winding, fastening and customized position.

Manufactured according to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO/TS16949
Right quality at the right price
Manufacturer with experience since 1986

Examples on applications:

– Electric pressure lock
– Analysis instrument
– Safe lock
– Coin management
– Printer
– Vending machines
– Coffee machines

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