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New directives for powersupplies in the US


February 10th 2016 is an important date for the US market for external powersupplies. The demands on standby power and average efficiency are increased, which sets new high demands on the manufacturers of external powersupplies.
Earlier the label on the external powersupply was marked with V.

The new directive is called DoE Level Vl (Departement of United States) and the chart shows a summery of what the new demands mean in practice. Important note: DoE Level Vl is only required within USA. If you deliver products to USA your external powersupply is obliged to fulfill those requirements. In the rest of the world the same standard as before is required.

All our models on the website fulfill DoE Level Vl.

Single voltage

Contact us if your product is exported to USA and we will help you to find an external powersupply that will fulfill the upcoming demands.