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Memorycard for both “tough” and regular applications!


The difference between different manufacturers of memory cards may at first glance to be marginal.
But…, “if you scratch the surface” you will discover that it’s actually differs significantly between manufacturers
and the choice of its components. It is therefore important not to think that all memory cards are produced in
the same way and that it is only the price that controls.
To use a “normal” memory card for demanding applications may result in the card’s function ceases after only six months.

So, it is important that you are thinking through how you intend to use the card and then select the type of memory and performance of each product application.

We offer high quality memory cards from a manufacturer in Taiwan with long experience and broad knowledge of industrial, medical, military, automotive and aerospace applications. Memory card and 2.5“ SATA drives 8GB to 512GB are available in the product range. The Memory cards are Micro SD, SD and CF for both industrial Grade and Consumer Grade. Capacity from 1GB to 32 GB for SLC (Single Level Cell) Nand Flash and from 2GB to 64GB for MLC NAND Flash (Multi Level Cell).
Industrial Grade provides extended temperature range from -40 up to +85 degrees, ESD protected and IP rated and always containing high quality flash chips from Toshiba!


With the high demands made on quality, reliability and preformance, we can offer that our memory cards are manufactured with so-called ”Fixed BOM”.
This means we can guarantee that your particular card is manufactured with the same type of components at each manufacturing opportunity to help ensure a stable and smooth operation at each delivery. Obviously the cards are manufactured with strict quality control and modern with fully automatic machines in Taiwan.

We are selling memory cards under the name CMP MEMORY and offers a delivery time of about 10 days in the factory + transport. This means that we can have just your memory card ready for delivery from us in less than two weeks!

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