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KNX-powersupply with built-in choke

KNX nataggregat - KNX-powersupply with built-in choke

The new KNX-powersupply from Mean Well has two outputs: one with KNX choke output and an additional output for ancillary power.
Each KNX-device uses 10 mA from the powersupply during sending and receiving signals on the bus. The choke output is 640 mA
which means that you can connect a total of 64 KNX-devices to the same output.

The second output is an “extra” 30 VDC 640 mA-output. It is used if any device requires external powersupply,
or to supply one additional KNX-line together with an external KNX-choke. The powersupply unit has a LED-indication
in the panel that indicates the status. Mean Well is a member of KNX.
For further information, please download a datasheet: