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Electrical motors

Wiper motors 12-56W

Low cost DC motor with special Worm gear. High starting torque is main feature.
Sizes from Ø42mm up to Ø90mm, 12–48VDC, 10–400 rpm and 5–300W.

MR42 Serien 12W  - Wiper motors 12-56W

MR42-Series, 12W

  • Torque: 1Nm
  • Output speed: 115rpm
 MR62 Serien 17W - Wiper motors 12-56W

MR62-Series, 17W

  • Torque: 6Nm
  • Output speed: 28rpm
 MR76 Serien 56W - Wiper motors 12-56W

MR76-Series, 56W

  • Torque: 15Nm
  • Output speed: 35rpm