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Electrical motors

Brushless (BLDC) 10-218W

When long Life cycle is needed and/or high speed is required are brushless DC motors a good replacement to traditional DC motors.
They can also replace stepper motors to get better dynamics. Our range of these motors are complete and the motors can be fitted toghether with any kind of gearbox, encoder or brake. We can also provide external drives for these motors.

ECM Serien 9.9 15.1W - Brushless (BLDC) 10-218W

ECM35-Series, 9.9-15.1W

  • Torque: 4Ncm
  • Output speed: 3 600rpm
ECM42 Serien 14.6 42.2W - Brushless (BLDC) 10-218W

ECM42-Series, 14.6-42.2W

  • Torque: 5,6Ncm
  • Output speed: 3 500rpm
ECM48 Serien 19.2 85.9W - Brushless (BLDC) 10-218W

ECM48-Series, 19.2-85.9W

  • Torque: 5.7Ncm
  • Output speed: 3 550rpm
 ECM63 Serien 36.4 118.5W - Brushless (BLDC) 10-218W

ECM63-Series, 36.4-118.5W

  • Torque: 7.3Ncm
  • Output speed: 2 900rpm
 ECM75 Serien 57.4 217.7W - Brushless (BLDC) 10-218W

ECM75-Series, 57.4-217.7W

  • Torque: 6.7Ncm
  • Output speed: 3 550rpm