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Customized power is growing rapidly in Powermec!

Kundanpassad kraft

In recent years, more and more of our projects have been focused on customized power. Still, the ”standard power” is a
significant portion of our sales, but not as much as for 5-10 years ago. We have grown ourselves very strong together
with our manufacturers

With a handful of manufacturers that specialize in high-efficiency/low-efficiency, ITE/Medical/Household, large numbers/normal numbers, we can offer to our
customers the best of different worlds under the same roof.

We currently deliver customized power to customers in light and heavy industry, household products, medical and commercial end products.
With our own on site personnel in Taiwan and China, we can simultaneously and easily offer the entire development, production of initial samples,
design, tools, certifications, mass production and logistics.

One of the latest projects is the medical certified assembly 230VAC to 12VAC, 70W intended to drive a halogen lamp in a product that is delivered to the
hospital sector. Here, we developed a product that didn’t exist, including plastic tools and certifications to IEC/EN60601-1: 2006; A1